Tuesday 27 September 2022

TV Review: Color Rush (2020) (BL Fantasy)

Color Rush (컬러 러쉬)
8 episodes
Yoo Jun, Hur Hyun-jun
BL Fantasy

Yeon Woo is a Mono who sees the world only in grayscale. However, each Mono has a fated person known as a Probe, and Yeon Woo's life changes when he meets Yoo Han and experiences his first "color rush". (Synopsis)

Color Rush was a delightful BL miniseries. I really enjoyed the concept, and the two main actors had great chemistry together. The pacing over the eight episodes was good. The subplot of the missing mother was never fully explored, but looking at the synopsis of the second season, it looks like it returns then. I've not yet decided on watching season 2 as it has lower ratings than this one and I'd hate to be disappointed, but I can certainly recommend season 1 to BL fans who like sweet romance and a quirky storyline. It gets 4.5 stars from me.

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