Monday 17 October 2022

TV Review: Ocean Likes Me (2021) (BL Contemporary)

Ocean Likes Me (오션라이크미)
8 episodes
Han Gi-chan, HOLLAND
BL Contemporary

Han Bada, a young chef who dreams of starting an udon restaurant by the sea but finds serving customers difficult, meets Tommy, a failed musician who returns to his hometown after wandering. (Synopsis)

I came to this series solely for Han Gi-chan, having loved him in another drama. He is great again here, and HOLLAND also gives a solid performance. However, the series itself is a bit lacklustre. So much of the short screen time of each episode is wasted on landscape shots and/or flashbacks, so, through no fault of the actors, the relationship between the two feels underdeveloped. There was a lot of potential here, but it was let down by the script/screenwriting and pacing. I am giving it 3 stars, for the actors and some lovely moments between them, but it's not the best writing-wise.

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