Saturday 8 October 2022

TV Review: The One and Only (2021) (Drama)

The One and Only (한 사람만)
16 episodes
Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Kyung-nam

A contract killer gets entangled with a murder case and three terminally ill women who have each decided to end the life of one person before they die. (Synopsis)

The One and Only was a drama with an interesting premise that hit the mark on many points for me, but not all. As said, the plot was intriguing, and in the early episodes I was caught up in what was happening, wondering how things would play out. However, this was also an emotional drama around the lives of the terminal patients at the hospice, and for my preferences, that took over a little too much at times. In later episodes we often moved from one emotional conversation scene to another, with little happening to actually progress the story. They could have been condensed here and there, and perhaps making it a tighter, twelve-episode series would have eliminated some of the drag. That aside, though, I enjoyed watching overall, and the way things concluded was pleasing. It is a tear-jerker, so have tissues at the ready if you watch. It gets four stars from me.

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