Monday 28 November 2022

TV Review: Another Miss Oh (2016) (Rom-Com)

Another Miss Oh (또! 오해영)
18 episodes

A sound director who suddenly starts getting visions of someone else's future gets mired in the lives of two women who happen to share the same name. (Synopsis)

I came to this drama after seeing, and enjoying, a small-scale Korean musical based on it during the Welcome Daehakro festival a few weeks ago. I thought the story idea was quirky and fun, and it was good to get the extra backstory and detail in the drama that wasn't possible in the musical. The cast all did a good job and there was plenty of chemistry and humour between the characters. If I am to share one negative it would be that I think it was a little long. The pacing was good at the start but dragged a little towards the end. Had it been done in 16 episodes instead of 18, it would have been perfect. But that's a minor gripe, and otherwise it was a fun rom-com that I would definitely recommend. It gets 4 stars from me.

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