Tuesday 30 May 2023

TV Review: Interview with the Vampire (2022) (Paranormal Thriller)

Interview with the Vampire
7 episodes
Paranormal Thriller
ABC iView

Based on Anne Rice's iconic novel, Interview with the Vampire follows Louis de Pointe du Lac's epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality, as told to the journalist Daniel Molloy. (Synopsis)

I approached the new TV series of Interview with the Vampire with a modicum of caution; however, luckily I was soon able to relax. Yes, the show changes quite a few things from the books, while maintaining general the same plot, but none of those changes grated on me in any major way once I settled into them, and many worked rather well. The show is nicely shot and edited too, which is always a bonus. That said, the biggest draw for me was Sam Reid's portrayal of Lestat, which is the most nuanced and captivating delivery of the character in all stage and screen versions so far. I wasn't familiar with Sam at all, and was surprised, when I looked him up, to learn he is Australian, as his accent as Lestat is absolute perfection and as mesmerising as the rest of his performance. I am definitely keen to continue watching this show for season 2, and on the strength of this adaptation, I am now off to give season 1 of Mayfair Witches a try too. This series gets 4.5 stars from me.

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