Saturday 1 July 2023

Film Review: The Village (2023) (Drama)

The Village (ヴィレッジ)
Michihito Fujii (Director)

In a once-scenic village now dominated by a vast trash disposal site, a young man yearns to break free from a cruel fate tying him to the very grounds. (Synopsis)

The Village was a slow-burn drama with a lot of depth to it. There was a claustrophobic feel to the piece which mirrored the feelings of the main characters trapped in a village that had been changed forever by the building of a trash site in the hill overlooking it. Yokohama Ryusei gave a compelling performance in the lead role; he was really riveting to watch throughout. I have seen some reviews absolutely trashing this movie, and I would guess some of that is due to its slow pacing and pessimistic outlook. I, however, found it interesting to watch, and it raised some thoughtful commentary on the press of modernity upon small, traditional communities. I am giving it four stars.

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