Tuesday 4 July 2023

TV Review: Lovestruck in the City (2020) (Rom-Com/Drama)

Lovestruck in the City (도시남녀의 사랑법)
17 episodes

Heart stolen by a free-spirited woman after a beach-side romance, a passionate architect sets out to reunite with her on the streets of Seoul. (Synopsis)

First off, while this looks a normal K-drama length at 17 episodes, each episode is only 30 minutes, rather than the usual 60-80 minutes, making this a quicker watch than most. Lovestruck in the City is a drama with an interesting storytelling format, mixing action scenes with moments where the characters reflect on events in interview style and others comment on their analysis. It took me a few episodes to get into that, but once I did, I enjoyed it, especially as it made the piece stand out from other Korean rom-coms. I also liked that it wasn't as idealised as some, making the action a little more believable. It's perhaps not a series I'd watch again and again, but I still enjoyed it a lot, so I am giving it 4 stars.

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