Tuesday 15 August 2023

My Chinese Language Learning Resources

My Story Learning Chinese

I'd not really planned to learn Chinese as such. I am very into danmei novels and dramas, but I hadn't felt inspired to start the language, especially since I was still working so hard on my Korean and Japanese. However, my sister-in-law is Chinese, and when people found out about that, I was constantly being asked why, in that case, I wasn't learning Chinese. So, eventually I was guilted into starting in late 2022.

I began with the Duolingo course (now completely finished) and then did a few beginner Chinese MOOCs. I tried one textbook but didn't get on with it, so at present I am looking for the best next step in my studies. For now I am trying to start some reading and writing at a basic level. I'm thinking of checking out Mandarin Companion and New Practical Chinese Reader. I also still need to do a lot of work on my pronunciation!



The following resources are ones I've found useful.

Please note that I am not receiving any incentive to recommend any of these resources. Nor can I say they will suit every learner, as everyone's learning style is different. I am sharing only my personal experiences with these assets and cannot guarantee they will benefit everyone.


Reading and Writing Chinese - A good introduction to hanzi, including meanings and stroke order.

Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar - The information in this book is useful, but I find the way it's organised a bit off-putting at times.

Chinese Stories for Language Learners - I bought this book but haven't used it yet. The stories look interesting, but the level is still too high for me. You need to be intermediate and above to read it.


Chinese for Us - A good selection of videos across different levels.

Comprehensible Chinese - Listening practice with comprehensible input.

Mandarin Blueprint - Mostly the channel is to promote their language course, but there are some useful videos, too, such as the pronunciation one below.

Mandarin Click - Another good source for slow Chinese listening practice and comprehensible input.

Yimin Chinese - Clear, fun lessons in grammar, vocabulary and HSK.

Yoyo Chinese - A wide range of lessons across different areas of study and at different study levels.


I follow a few Chinese language-learning accounts on Instagram. Here are some I find useful:

Mooncake Chinese - Cecelia Leely - Silk Mandarin School



Dig Mandarin - Some useful blog posts on grammar, pronunciation etc.

Mandarin Bean - Graded reading and grammar posts are available for free.

Yoyo Chinese - Interactive Pinyin chart and interesting blog posts.

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