Saturday 19 August 2023

TV Review: My Liberation Notes (2022) (Drama)

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지)
16 episodes

Three siblings, exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day adulthood, seek to find fulfillment and freedom from their unremarkable lives. (Synopsis)

My Liberation Notes was a bit of a mixed-bag drama for me. I really liked the premise and it contained plenty of good moments and thoughtful themes and situations. I also thought the actors all gave good performances. However, I found the pacing ploddingly slow at times (12 episodes might have worked better than 16) and I also often found the characters irritating. I constantly wanted to yell at them for causing all their own problems. I'm glad I watched it and I felt I did get something out of it, but I wouldn't rush to watch it again. I considered hard regarding the score but decided it just about merited four stars.


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