Saturday 23 September 2023

Book Review: Guardian Vol. 1 by Priest (BL Fantasy)

Title: Guardian Vol. 1
Author: Priest
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Publication Date: 29 August 2023
Pages: 412
Format: Paperback
Genre: BL Fantasy
Source: Bought Copy

Zhao Yunlan is Chief of the Special Investigations Department: a secret group of uniquely skilled individuals who investigate strange happenings in modern-day Dragon City. Although laid-back and cheeky to those who don't know him, this tenacious and cunning man fits well into his role of the Guardian.

While investigating a mysterious death at a local university, Zhao Yunlan meets Shen Wei, a calm and cold professor who proves as intriguing as the case itself. Something about this reserved man feels strangely familiar. Zhao Yunlan can't help but notice the intensity of the professor's gaze, and wonders why their lives begin to intertwine—as if by fate.


I haven't seen the drama series based on this book, so I started reading Guardian Vol. 1 without any expectations as to what the story would be like. In the end, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the danmei I have read up till now has been xianxia, so it was fun to read something with a more modern, urban fantasy vibe. Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei are both great characters and I appreciated their interactions and developing relationship. The storyline, too, was interesting and held my attention from start to finish. This book is written in third person omniscient POV, so it jumps back and forth between different characters' heads. However, there was never an issue following what was happening. As always, the book contained great illustrations throughout, and the ending left me keen to find out what will happen in volume two. I am giving it 4.5 stars.

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