Saturday 21 October 2023

Mini Hiatus till November - I Cleared My TBR!

So you don't all wonder where I've gone, I am announcing a mini hiatus just for one to two weeks.

I am really busy with work at the moment, and that will continue until the end of the month, so my available free time for reading and watching K-dramas is currently a little less than usual. Plus, two books I pre-ordered have been delayed due to postal issues (caught up in the Qantas Freight debacle) and I have *gasp* cleared my TBR pile for the first time in ages. Therefore, I am doing a few rereads over the next couple of weeks, and I won't review those books as I have shared my thoughts on them before.

Please bear with me during this brief period. I should get one or two posts out at least, but it will be less than usual. However, I expect to be back to my normal routine once November starts!!