Saturday 4 November 2023

Theatre Review: The Phantom of the Opera (Musical)

The Phantom of the Opera (오페라의 유령)
28 October 2023
Charlotte Theatre

I have seen The Phantom of the Opera many times in London and also once in Melbourne. The main reason for seeing it again in Seoul was to experience the performance of my favourite Korean musical theatre actor, Jeon Dong-seok, who is currently playing the lead role. The ticket booking was a tough, competitive process, and I only managed to secure seats a few rows back in the circle. However, the seats were still good as we had a clear view of the stage. The volume for the music/vocals is turned up a lot louder than in the London production, but you certainly heard everything clearly that way. The cast were all good, especially my beloved Jeon Dong-seok and it was a pleasing production of the show overall. I am giving it 5 stars.


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