Saturday 27 January 2024

TV Review: Gyeongseong Creature (2023) (Fantasy Horror)

Gyeongseong Creature (경성크리처)
10 episodes
Fantasy Horror

Gyeongseong, 1945. In Seoul's grim era under colonial rule, an entrepreneur and a sleuth fight for survival and face a monster born out of human greed. (Synopsis)

Gyeongseong Creature was a highly enjoyable and entertaining drama. I have seen some reviewers complain about the pacing, but I had no issue with it. I liked the slow build up as we gradually became acquainted with the characters and situation. In between that drama, there were plenty of moments of action to keep you hooked, and taking the time to establish the characters allowed more emotional connection with them as events unfolded. The series ended on quite a cliffhanger, so I am looking forward to watching part two later in the year. Recommended for fans of monster films with an historical slant and a gradual build up. I am giving this series 4.5 stars.

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