Tuesday 30 January 2024

TV Review: Through the Darkness (2022) (Thriller)

Through the Darkness (악의 마음을 읽는 자들)
16 episodes

A team of tenacious detectives study the minds of murderers at a time when Korea's first serial murders terrorized the nation. Based on true events. (Synopsis)

Through the Darkness was an entertaining and interesting series. Although the names are changed, it is based on a non-fiction book about the setting up of South Korea's first criminal behavioural analysis team, so all the serial killers featured can be easily matched to the real-life figures they are illustrating through the nature of their crimes. The show was nicely shot and well acted, with nuanced performances helping to highlight the different ideas and themes. There were odd times the pacing slowed a little, but on the whole it moved along well and held my interest throughout. I am giving it a solid four stars.

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