Tuesday 5 March 2024

Book Review: The Contract Between a Specter and a Servant Vol. 1 by Fushino Michiru (LGBT Fantasy Light Novel)

Title: The Contract Between a Specter and a Servant Vol. 1
Author: Fushino Michiru
Publisher: Yen On
Publication Date: 19 March 2024
Pages: 161
Format: eBook - PDF
Genre: LGBT Fantasy Light Novel
Source: ARC via Edelweiss

That was the worst day of Masamichi Adachi’s life. He failed the college entrance exam again, was fired from his part-time job, and to top it all off, was fatally injured in a hit-and-run. However, just as he was resigning myself to death, a stunningly beautiful man appeared and said to become his servant. In exchange for his life, Masamichi now works for the mysterious entity that runs an antique store...


I found this opening volume of The Contract Between a Specter and a Servant an enjoyable read. The story's premise was interesting and both Masamichi and Shino came across well as characters. I enjoyed their interactions and when the book ended it left me intrigued about how things would continue for them, making me keen to read on in the series. Recommended for fans of fantasy BL light novels. I am giving this book four stars.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. 

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