Sunday 10 March 2024

Theatre Review: Lost in Translation - Twilight (2024) (Comedy)

Lost in Translation - Twilight
9 March 2024
Rhino Room - Adelaide Fringe

Lost in Translation was a great hour of comedy. The premise of the show is that they take a famous movie script (in this case Twilight), trim it to 60 minutes, then run it through bad online translators into various languages before going back into English and performing the result. While most of the cast have seen the final script in advance, there is always one guest performer who hasn't. The script they presented was really funny and the entire audience was laughing constantly throughout. My husband and I wondered if they tweaked some things after translating (in order to preserve running jokes), but either way it was very amusing and I would certainly go and watch them perform a different movie script if they return to the Fringe again next year. The only downside (not a fault of the show) was that on a 40oC day the venue was not well air conditioned, so it was sweltering in there. I am giving the show four stars.

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