Saturday 2 March 2024

TV Review: Castaway Diva (2023) (Drama)

Castaway Diva (무인도의 디바)
12 episodes

Fifteen years after being stranded on a remote island, an aspiring singer reenters society — stopping at nothing to pursue her dream of becoming a diva. (Synopsis)

Castaway Diva was a pretty enjoyable drama. The idea, though a little far-fetched, was fun; however, I actually found some of the subplots more compelling than the main narrative as the series progressed. The songs featured were all catchy, but some of the lip-syncing was a little cringy as it was blatantly clear they weren't actually singing. Still if you like music-related rom-com this one is definitely worth a watch, and I think they did well keeping it to 12 episodes. Had it been the usual 16, I think it would have dragged towards the end. I am giving it four stars.

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