Saturday 23 March 2024

TV Review: Heaven Official's Blessing S2 (2023) (BL Fantasy Anime)

Heaven Official's Blessing S2 (天官賜福 貳)
12 episodes
BL Fantasy Anime

When a distress signal is received, Xie Lian is dispatched to Ghost City to investigate. There he meets up once more with Hua Cheng; however, as the investigation progresses, further aspects of Xie Lian's complex past will be revealed. (Synopsis)

It was awesome to finally get to see the second season of the Heaven Official's Blessing donghua after such a long wait. I enjoyed this second season as much as the first and the only downside was how short it was! Now we can only wait and hope the third season doesn't take as long to come out as this one did. The story naturally assumes knowledge of season 1, so if you've not watched that, you need to start there (unless you know the books). There were plenty of great moments in this second season, but my favourite was in episode 6 when Hua Cheng kidnaps Xie Lian from the Heavenly Capital. I am giving it five stars.

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