Saturday 16 March 2024

TV Review: A Time Called You (2023) (Sci-Fi Romance)

A Time Called You (너의 시간 속으로)
12 episodes
Sci-Fi Romance

A grieving woman magically travels through time to 1998, where she meets a man with an uncanny resemblance to her late love. (Synopsis)

A Time Called You was an intriguing series. You need to bear with it for the first two episodes while all the setup takes place, but after that the story begins to unfold more clearly. This is a time travel tale and, as with nearly all such stories, there are a few times when you question the 'rules' and some discrepancies that creep in. However, the story was so compelling that I was willing to overlook a couple of minor plot holes in order to lose myself in the characters and their tale. The actors all gave great performances and there were many moments of beautiful cinematography. At 12 episodes, I thought the pacing of the series, too, was just right once you got past the opening. Therefore, I am giving this one 4.5 stars. Recommended if you like emotional love stories with a sci-fi twist.

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