Friday 29 March 2024

TV Review: Welcome to Samdal-ri (2023) (Rom-Com)

Welcome to Samdal-ri (웰컴투 삼달리)
16 episodes

After suffering a fall from grace, a photographer returns to her hometown and bumps into her childhood friend — rekindling an unfinished romance. (Synopsis)

Welcome to Samdal-ri was an okay rom-com. I was watching this mainly for Ji Chang-wook, and he was adorable as always. The story idea was fairly interesting, but I felt the pace dragged a little here and there, so my interest fluctuated, especially around the midway point in the series. I did enjoy the representation of the haenyeo's and their work, which was something special for this show that I haven't seen in others. I am giving it four stars overall.

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