Saturday 13 April 2024

Book Review: Knight of the Goddess (Blood of a Fae #4) by Briar Boleyn (Fantasy Romance)

Knight of the Goddess (Blood of a Fae #4)
Briar Boleyn
Starwater Press
31 March 2024
eBook - EPUB
Fantasy Romance
ARC via NetGalley

Beware the dread curse of Three…

In the aftermath of the war between Pendrath and its neighbors, peace has finally come to Camelot. But for Morgan Le Fay and her friends, the calm is short-lived. A storm grows on the horizon. As a terrible evil that has been waiting hundreds of years begins to sweep through the land, Morgan and Draven must race to the aid of their allies, leaving their youngest and most vulnerable new family member in the care of trusted friends.

The sword, the spear, the grail’s mystery…

As the tide of war takes them across kingdoms and into greater peril, Morgan and Draven embark on a quest to destroy the three objects of untold power–the grail, the sword, and the spear. Together, the pair will find answers to questions lost in the mists of time. Answers to questions so terrible, they never even thought to ask.

Blood calls to blood, the dark shall rise,
Forged by the gods under sacred skies.

For the love between these bonded mates is not just an everlasting one forged in blood.

You might even call it divine.


The Knight of the Goddess concluded the Blood of a Fae series. Most loose ends were tied up pretty well, but this was probably my least favourite part of the series as I found the battle with Morgan's father a bit underwhelming and less compelling than earlier parts in the series when we followed Morgan as she broke free of Arthur and developed her relationship with Draven. Unlike in earlier volumes, I also found some of the sex scenes a bit extraneous in this one; they really didn't add as much as they had before to the development of the characters and/or story. Nonetheless, I am still going to give this book 3.5 stars as the series as a whole was an enjoyable fantasy romance and it was good to see how it all ended.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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