Saturday 13 April 2024

TV Review: Parasyte - The Grey (2024) (Sci-Fi Horror)

Parasyte: The Grey (기생수: 더 그레이)
6 episodes
Sci-Fi Horror

When unidentified parasites violently take over human hosts and gain power, humanity must rise to combat the growing threat. (Synopsis)

I had already seen the anime of Parasyte so I knew what to expect from this live-action series. Overall, I thought it was done well. The pacing was good, the six episode-length of the series just right to tell the story. The cast all did well, and the effects generally looked good. You could easily watch this series without any knowledge of the manga or anime, but at the end there was a little reference to the original source material for fans. They certainly left things open to potentially do a series two, and if they do, I will definitely watch it. I am giving this series 4.5 stars.

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