Saturday 29 June 2024

Book Review: Black Butler Vol. 33 by Toboso Yana (Fantasy Manga)

Black Butler Vol. 33
Toboso Yana
Yen Press
18 June 2024
Fantasy Manga
Bought Copy
Much to Lau’s disdain, Baldo offers to help chief nurse Ada drive out the Aurora Society for the good of the sanatorium. But as they hatch a daring plan to thwart its next shipment, Baldo and Lau meet their match when a sinister, deadly foe threatens to bring about their end. Meanwhile, under Sebastian’s orders, Finny and Snake arrive at the third blood-collection site—F.O.L. Orphanage, where a familiar face awaits them… 

I love Black Butler and plan to keep reading until the end, but I am getting tired of the huge delays between volumes. We only get one a year now, and when it does come out, you can read the entire thing in 30 minutes and, in some cases, as with this volume, not a huge amount happens in those chapters. I really wish Yen Press would at least return to two volumes per year to move things along a bit. I don't have a lot to say about the content in this particular volume, except I always wish for more Sebastian in the volumes when he's mostly off-page. I guess I'll now have to wait a year to see what the next volume will bring. For this particular volume, I am giving it four stars.

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