Monday 10 June 2024

Film Review: Anime Supremacy! (2022) (Drama)

Anime Supremacy! (ハケンアニメ!)
Yoshino Kohei (Director)

A rookie female director goes to battle with a genius director coming out with his latest anime! Delightful story about the people putting their lives on the line to produce anime! (Synopsis)

Anime Supremacy! was an engaging drama set in the cutthroat world of animation where making a hit show is the name of the game. I thought it was a thoughtful piece that looked at the difficulties faced in the industry and I liked the fact that both directors came to the end of the story having grown emotionally. It was fun to see glimpses of the animes they created too, and while this might not be a film I could ever see myself rewatching, it was certainly enjoyable to see once. I am giving it four stars.

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