Saturday 22 June 2024

TV Review: Agents of Mystery (2024) (Reality Mystery)

Agents of Mystery (미스터리 수사단)
6 episodes
Reality Mystery

Six "agents of mystery" who have excellent chemistry must solve paranormal mysteries within six hours, relying on their quick-thinking and teamwork. (Synopsis)

I am not a big reality TV fan, but I decided to watch Agents of Mystery simply as listening practice to hear everyday spoken Korean. In the end, I found it enjoyable. I watched it over two nights (so three episodes/one mission per night) and it was fun to see the team solving the cues while getting freaked out by the scenarios. A light and easy watch, but still highly entertaining and involving, since you ended up trying to work out the clues alongside the cast. I would definitely watch a second season if they make one, and I am giving this series 4 stars.

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