Thursday 27 January 2011

New Blog

Well, I thought I should have a more general blog as well as the ones on Savvy Authors and Goodreads, so that everyone can hear about what I am up to.
Just yesterday I finished the first draft of my new manuscript, which I am really excited about. I will put it aside for a couple of week now and then come back and edit it. I hope to have it ready to send off to a publisher by April at the latest. Fingers crossed.
I have to start looking for a day job again in the next few weeks. I am a bit sad about that as I will miss being able to write every day as I have been doing for the past three months. But we can't survive on one wage forever, especially with a wedding this year and then wanting to get a bigger house ... so needs must!
Hopefully I can find something three or four days a week and still have time to write. I have also just applied to three publishers to do editing work for them, so I am waiting to hear back about that.
Now that the first draft of the new story is done, I will spend the next four or five days preparing some promo material for Dragon's Heart which will be released on 4th February.

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  1. Hi Nicki! Finally read Awaken to the Night: What a lot of fun that story is! :) I am looking forward to Dragon's Heart - only 2 days to go!
    ~S. xo