Sunday 6 February 2011

Dragons and Vampires - A Paranormal Start to the Year

Well, into February already...I get the feeling this year will fly by. Already it is only just over 8 months till my wedding. When we started to plan for it this time last year it seemed so long away and now it is really getting close!

Book-wise things are going pretty well. Awaken to the Night is still hovering around in the Best Seller Lists at OmniLit and you can read a review of it at Sorcha's Blog.

Dragon's Heart came out yesterday. The publisher has had internet trouble the last couple of weeks, so it only just came out in time. It's up at OmniLit, All Romance EBooks and Smashwords so far. It will be up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble too, but it probably won't appear on those sites for another couple of days yet.

I am trying to think of new ways to publicise my books. I have blogs, Facebook and Goodreads. I will put up posters at the library, local shops and my fiance's workplace. Other than that, I'm a bit stumped. Any good ideas anyone? I am trying to decide whether I should get a Twitter account for my writing too. I've been happy to stick to Facebook so far and have ignored Twitter, but maybe I should think about getting one for my writing at least...Hmm...Let me know your thoughts, people!

I managed to finish the first draft of my new vampire paranormal romance book last week, just before the heatwave hit us here in Adelaide. I'm really glad I got it all done first as I really didn't feel like doing anything during those 40oC + days. Today it is a gorgeous 24oC and I have all the windows and the front door open, letting in a nice cool breeze as I do all my internet updates.

Tomorrow will be day 1 editing the new story. I am actually pretty happy with it in terms of the storyline, but I want to tidy up the language and descriptions. Of all the pieces I've written in the last few months, this one is really my baby as I had this idea over a year ago and it has already gone through two earlier drafts that I wasn't happy with before I finished this third version. I am thinking of trying this one with a different publisher to expand and get my name out there a bit more. Hopefully they'll like it. My hope is to have it ready to send to them by April, but that will depend on how much time I get to write as I also really need to find a new 'day job' within the next few weeks. We'll see...Perhaps a more realistic goal would be to say that I hope the story is out there for people to buy and read by the end of the year!

Oh well, time for the mundane aspects of life now: off to the shops to buy some bread. Maybe a croissant too - a bit naughty, but I can say it is in celebration of my newest release! ;)

Tomorrow, I am leaving my blog here to visit my friend Julie at her page. This will be my first ever guest blog, so do go across and check it out! 

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