Friday 25 March 2011

Book Blogger Hop #5 and Follow Friday #2

Book Blogger Hop
"If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?"
I would choose the Saint Germain Chronicles by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo. I would be the love of Saint Germain's life and he would turn me into a vampire! We would have to live apart, seeking sustenance from others, but we would see each other often as the centuries roll by.

Five BOOK RELATED silly facts about you.

1) I shipped more than 1000 books when I moved from UK to Australia - but only 2 boxes of clothes!

2) Trying to read on the bus to work makes me feel ill.

3) If the house caught fire, I'd rescue the books first.

4) I spent nearly $900 on a complete 10 volume set of the Complete Works of Robespierre.

5) One of my prize possessions is my copy of The Farthest North of Humaness (Letters of Percy Grainger)


  1. Wow that first fact about you is pretty amazing! I am your newest follower from the FF/hop and it's nice to "meet" you. :) Please head on over to my blog to follow me too and read some of my reviews if you have some time!

    Thanks so much and I hope you're having a fabulous Friday morning. (^_^)

  2. I LOVE the facts about your move and "if the house caught on fire." I can relate completely.
    I'm happy to follow your blog, and you can visit me at

  3. Hopping on through - Love love love your book facts! Number one is my favorite - and sounds a lot like me! A reader after my own heart! Haha.

    Have a great weekend! Happy hopping!

  4. I'd rescue the books in a fire too! Thanks for stopping by on the Friday Follow!

    Lori @ Romancing the Darkside

  5. Wow- I don't wanna know how much that costed to ship all those books :)

    To find out bookish facts about me and to follow me back (I’m following you now from Follow Friday) check out My Follow Friday post

  6. I can't read on a bus either, that's just too bad, right? Such a waste of time! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  7. That is a lot of books to move! I'm a new follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Press

  8. Thanks for hopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower :)

    I literally laughed my @ss off when I read that if your house caught on fire, you would rescue your books first. I would rescue my pets first (6 inside), but each of them would have my favorite books and my makeup strapped to his or her back. Maybe it's time to give the therapist a call, hmmmmm? LOL

    Have a great weekend!

    Mandy @ Embrace Your Oddities

  9. Hopping through. Books are good to move - they make for good company when you don't have friends in a new place.
    My Hop

  10. I´d rescue the books too!! ^^
    Readimg in the bus used to make me sick but luckily I got over that, I travel a lot so, I seriously need to read in the bus ^.^
    Im a new Follower :)

  11. A thousand books and two boxes of clothes? Sounds logical to me.

    Here's my post for this hop. Hope you will stop by. I always follow back.

  12. Hi! Coming through with the hop. I'm your newest follower. I know we already communicated through email, but I thought I'd stop in and follow. I can't read in any moving vehicle. It always makes me sick. :)

    Have a great one!