Monday 4 April 2011

Ashlynn Monroe - Guest Blog

So, you want to be a writer…

This June marks the first anniversary of my first published book.  I’ve been so lucky to work with great publishers and the authors that are associated with their publishing houses.  Here’s a bit of insider info on me.

What is your writing day like?

I work a full time job and have two school aged kids so my writing day starts late.  After eight in the evening I can answer email, make my book trailers, facebook, pimp my books, and finally write.

What is your favorite color?  

I love purple.  There just isn’t enough purple in the world.

How old are you?

I’m thirty two but I was married at twenty so I guess that makes me eighty in wife years…or is it just my husband that knows how to make his wife feel old?

What is your favorite junk food? 

I love anything sweet.  If It’s made out of sugar I want to eat way too much of it.

Who is your favorite musician/s?

Puddle of Mudd rocks my world!  I love just about every alternative rock band, but POM is my fav!

Do you think there is a difference between making love and having sex?

I do think there is a difference.  If you are having sex because of the physical need without any thought to your partner that’s just sex.  If you want to rock your partner’s world and just touching them and holding them brings you pleasure, that’s love.

Are you strictly an eBook author? If so why did you go that route?

I have several books available in print from several publishers, but I started out with eBooks.  I’d thought about getting an agent and queried several before I discovered small presses.  Agents weren’t impressed with my novellas and said there was not money for them in shorts.  So I decided to look into publishers and discovered such a wonderful selection of small presses that I started to submit.  My first publisher was Wild Horse Press and since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful publishers.

Do you have any series out? If so what is it about?

I have a bunch of series.  Wicked Ink has my Templar Vampires series.  This one is about a group of men who were cursed to be vampires when the grand master of the Templar Knights was burned at the stake.  Decadent Publishing has my Vengeance Series. This one is about superheroes, demons, and fighting for love. kNight Romance Publishing has my Clockwork Hearts series.  Steam punk vampire hunters…need I say more!  Wild Horse Press has my only young adult work, my Mirage High Series, Sam and Tabitha are the only only human students on a island of paranormal inhabitants.  I really love to do series.

Do you have a day job? If so what do you do?

I work for a big evil corporation during the day, but after dark the romance novelist inside comes out to play.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’d love to be day jobless, but I know with the need for insurance and the fact that I’m too responsible to be without a guaranteed steady paycheck I’m probably going to be doing the exact same thing I’m doing today.  If I contracted a popular best seller and paid off all the bills, I’d quit the day job, but until then I’ll keep living my crazy circus act of a life.  If my books stopped contracting and readers stopped reading me I’d still write.  It’s not something I do for money or fame.  I write because I have to write.  I made up stories in my head before I could write them down.  There’s a need in my soul to make fun romantic unusal fiction and that’ll never go away no matter how many years pass.

This is my backlist (I’ve been busy).

  • Hidden Magic-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
  • The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press
  • Dark Miracle-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
  • Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
  • Wild Hearts-Wild Horse Press-Paranormal Romance
  • The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press(print anthology or individual eBook shorts)
  • Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
  • Christmas in Redemption-Wild Horse press-Paranormal Romance Anthology
  • My Soul to Keep-Coming 2011-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
  • Kiss Me, Kill Me, Bite Me-Coming 2011-Wild Horse Press-Dark Paranormal Romance
  • Reality Stinks- Coming 2011-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romantic comedy
  • Chemical Lust-Cobblestone Press-Science Fiction Erotic
  • Passion's Escape-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
  • Lost Heart's-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
  • Wish-Silver Publishing-Urban Fantasy Erotic
  • Just One Night-Silver Publishing-Paranormal Romance
  • Vampires and Mistletoe-Silver publishing-Paranormal Romance
  • Captured Heart and Soul-Silver Publishing Erotic Anthology
  • Love Factory-August 2010-Wicked Nights-Science Fiction Erotic
  • In the Machine-Wicked Nights-Science Fiction Erotic
  • Dark Man-Wicked Nights-Paranormal Romance
  • Eternal Gift-Wicked Nights-Paranormal romance
  • Aloha Christmas-Wicked Nights-Paranormal romance
  • Clockwork Hearts: Secrets 6/20/2011
  • Clockwork Hearts: Revelations 11/20/2011
  • Clockwork Hearts: Rebirth 4/01/2012-kNight Romance Publishing-Paranormal steam punk
  • Blood Kin-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
  • The Templar Vampire Series-Coming 2011-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
  • Fallen Angels-Evernight Publishing-Steam Punk Romance
  • Protector Mine-Evernight Publishing-Paranormal Romance
  • Indecent Encounters-Evernight Publishing-Erotic Romance Anthology
  • Dream Mists-Willow Moon Publishing-Paranormal Romance
  • The Vengeance Series-Decadent Publishing-Urban Fantasy
  • Denae’s Lesson-Seven Deadly Sins Anthology-self-published group effort with some of my favorite small press authors.
  • Slave to His Desires-BeachWalk Press

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I’d love more facebook friends and twitter followers too.  I have MySpace but that’s one I don’t keep up with much. For twitter I’m at ashlynn_monroe and facebook, I have an author page and my own page too.

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  1. Great post! I too have dreams of quiting my day job! Someday...

    I'm now following Ashley, I really enjoyed the interview.