Tuesday 27 March 2012

Merchandising: An Author's Attempt

I've written posts before about the difficulties I've had deciding how best to promote my books. One facet of that is merchandising.

When Day-Walker first came out, I made my own bookmarks. While not 'professional' they turned out okay... and yet, I felt I needed something more....

So when I saw an offer for 100 free postcards at Vistaprint the other day, I decided that was just what I needed and spent time creating a design. With image upload and postage, the venture cost me AU$11.50, which seems pretty reasonable to me

The postcards arrived last week and they look very pretty and professional and generally delightful. But now I face the same dilemma I found with my home-made bookmarks: what do I DO with them? I left a few bookmarks at the local library, but then ran out of ideas. When I do any future giveaway hops, I can offer some as runner-up prizes. But other than that, I'm stumped and in three month's time my new book will be released and that will also require promotion once I get the cover art through....

What do you guys think?

If any authors are reading this: What do you do for merchandising and how would you choose to distribute bookmarks and postcards?

And readers, what are your thoughts? Are there items you particularly like to see from authors? What merchandising/promo might inspire you to buy a book?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and get some brainstorming going, so don't be shy! ;)


  1. Hi Nicki! I love getting bookmarks and cover flats/postcards to give out. I offer them to my newsletter subscribers and in giveaways, and readers tell me they love getting swag. :) Yours look great, by the way! And I love Vistaprint. It's where I get my stuff done all the time.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle. It's good to get some feedback from others.