Wednesday 28 March 2012

Really Blue Books - Promo Post

Today we have a special promo from new Australian e-publisher Really Blue Books. Read on to find out more about them!

Nicki has kindly let RBB hijack her blog to spread the good news: Australian independent e-publishing is finally here. That's right, digital publishing has a new player, a new outlook and interesting prospects for authors and readers.

Who the heck are we? RBB is not just frog shorthand for 'ribbit', it also stands for Really Blue Books - Australia's first independent digital-only publisher. We're all about providing fresh new fiction and non-fiction, giving authors a quality avenue into digital publication and providing readers with DRM-free titles in multiple formats. We're accessible, personal and well, slightly quirky to say the least. The rogue black sheep of the flock. We sell EPUB and PDF through our own website and other third party distributors, and Kindle AZW is available from Amazon.

Frustration with the state of digital publishing in Australia led to Really Blue Books' conception by sibling duo Sarah and Sam Bailey, combining publishing and IT expertise. Where was the opportunity, the risk-taking, the fun? We wanted to provide a point of difference, to be the non-wanky, non-corporate provider of quality in the indiscriminate sea of self-publishing and safe bets.

RBB has released five brand-spanking new, ninja-approved titles by budding authors. They range from speculative fiction (THEM), quirky crime short stories (Milo & I), breaking new ground with transmedia young adult fiction (Kiss Kill) and two debut YA novels (Repetition and Pendulum). Upcoming titles include Wings (an Australian aviation novel spanning two generations), Don't You Know There's A War On? (an extraordinary autobiography of a World War II journey), and even an extremely manly cookbook: Man Food. We have an exciting year ahead and hope that others will get onboard the RBB train into the digital future.

We're always open to submissions, to feedback, to a helping hand, to bribes of ice cream and island getaways. For more information on Really Blue Books, visit:

If you're a prospective author, you can check out our submission guidelines here:

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