Wednesday 27 June 2012

The Promise of the Fourth Monkey by James P. Pandian - Book Review

Title: The Promise of the Fourth Monkey
Author: James P. Pandian
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 2012(?)
Pages: 656
Format: Paperback
Genre: Literary Fiction
Source: Gift
Tony Jones arrives in Chenderoh to take over the role of Superintendant at the power station. There he meets a startling cast of characters, including the beautiful and brilliant Ai-Mee, daughter of his Chinese cook. Gifted and eager, he seeks to improve the lives of the workers at the plant, but will his plans be thwarted by Mike Campbell, his jealous colleague? (My Synopsis)

I came across this book in a strange way as it was written by a friend of a colleague for mine. It is self-published and my colleague bought up several copies in support of his friend; copies which he is now distributing amongst his acquaintances.

The storyline of this book is interesting enough, focusing on a Welshman working in Malaysia and trying to cope with corrupt colleagues, communist resistance to his presence and falling in love with a poor Chinese girl. The plot did hold my interest and I wanted to see if things would work out for him.

However, I felt I could only give the book three stars as it really needed some rigorous editing. I am guessing English is not a first language for the author, and this may be the reason for the problems. But a good, native English-speaking editor could really have transformed this book from good to great. Some cuts here and there and improvements in regards to grammar would have made all the difference.

Overall, though, this was a pleasant read and a good effort from a first-time author.

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