Saturday 2 February 2013

Guest Post - Liesel Hill - Ten Recipes for the End of the World

Today I welcome Liesel Hill, author of Persistence of Vision, to the blog. Liesel is here to share a few recipes for the end of the world. Over to Liesel....

10 Recipes for the End of the World

Hello Everyone! My name is Liesel K. Hill and I’m here to promote my debut novel, Persistence of Vision, a dystopian fantasy with elements of sci-fi. Thanks so much to Nicki for hosting me here today. My blog tour has turned out to be massive, so as you can image, I’ve been writing lots of guest posts and they often contain similar information. Nicki told me to pick my own topic today, which I’m grateful for because it allows me to do something unique and fun!

One thing not many of my readers know about me is that I love to cook. I worked in food service industry for nearly ten years, doing things like catering, creating menus, and even working under a professional chef. I see baking and food prep as an art. I love to find and try new recipes, and make the food look beautiful before serving it.

So today I’d like to share some awesome end-of-the-world recipes. They aren’t really the kinds of things you’d have the resources to bake in a dystopian world. Rather, you should try these before the apocalypse hits. Then you can reminisce and tell your children (who will no doubt rise up to save us) about the awesome recipes to be re-discovered in the new world. ;D

1.    Brave New World Brownies

Best brownie recipe EVER and so simple! They’re my go-to treat for family gatherings, that time of the month and anti-zombie-apocalypse planning parties.

2.    S’More Cupcakes

To remind us that we must learn to survive and cook our own food over campfire. Preparing for post-apocalyptic contingencies includes planning for desert!

3.    Anarchy Avocado Enchiladas

I am 100% anti-anarchy. After all, if the world is in chaos, how we will secure avocados to make this tasty, and still somewhat healthy dinner dish? There’s the real government conspiracy: depriving us of our healthy omega threes!

4.    Burnt City Breadsticks

Because these are baked with parmesan cheese, they’re actually better burned. Death, torture, the downfall of civilization? That I can handle. But life without parmesan cheese? That might throw me into the depths of despair!

5.    Sedition Smoothies

Because in order to prepare for the coming apocalypse, we need to be in good shape, right? The slow runners will get eaten first. So rebel against the norm with sedition smoothies!

6.    Homemade Revolution Ranch

Everything tastes better with ranch. Homemade ensures you avoid all those government-controlled additives that, let’s face it, may eventually wipe out civilization as we know it.

7.    Coup D’Etat Cookies (No-Bake)

Best cookies EVER! So stage a coup, bake a batch, and read my book! *puts away hypnosis paraphernalia*

8.    Overthrow Oreo Truffles

Overthrow that pesky sweet tooth with these rich, luscious, will-kill-for-freedom-to-keep-eating-them oreo truffles.

9.    Dystopian Chocolate Divinity

The loss of wide-spread divinity eating may be the trigger than caves the world in. Just sayin.’

10.    Post-Apocalyptic Peanut-Butter Fudge

After all, if there’s nothing we can do to stop the end of the world, we might as well indulge while we can! This actually isn’t the exact recipe I use, but it’s dang close! :D

Thanks so much for having me today. Hope you enjoy these recipes. For more recipes, both dystopian and otherwise, feel free to stalk me on Happy munching, Everyone!


  1. The brownies and smoothies sound so yummy! And so does Dystopian Chocolate Divinity! They should actually have that on restaurant menus! :P

    This Guest Post has me hungry (even though I just had lunch)! ;) Liesel has written a Post for us as well for the Tour! Come see it if you like! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Thanks so much for having me here today, Nicki! The post looks great (and yummy!) Because this post was so different--little to do with writing or dystopia, other than making up names for recipes--I had a blast writing it! Thanks again! :D

  3. Anarchy Avocado Enchiladas sound great! And anything with peanut butter is a winner.

  4. I read and reviewed this novel for the tour later in Feb - it's amazing! Those recipes also look great.

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