Saturday 2 February 2013

The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann - Book Review & Giveaway

Title: The Peculiar  
Author: Stefan Bachmann  
Publisher: Harper Collins    
Publication Date: September 2012   
Pages: 360   
Format: Paperback    
Genre: Middle Grade-YA/ Steampunk/ Fantasy  
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

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Don't get yourself noticed and you won't get yourself hanged.

In the faery slums of Bath, Bartholomew Kettle and his sister Hettie live by these words. Bartholomew and Hettie are changelings--Peculiars--and neither faeries nor humans want anything to do with them.

One day a mysterious lady in a plum-colored dress comes gliding down Old Crow Alley. Bartholomew watches her through his window. Who is she? What does she want? And when Bartholomew witnesses the lady whisking away, in a whirling ring of feathers, the boy who lives across the alley--Bartholomew forgets the rules and gets himself noticed.

First he's noticed by the lady in plum herself, then by something darkly magical and mysterious, by Jack Box and the Raggedy Man, by the powerful Mr. Lickerish . . . and by Arthur Jelliby, a young man trying to slip through the world unnoticed, too, and who, against all odds, offers Bartholomew friendship and a way to belong.
(Goodreads Synopsis)

The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann was a real joy to read. I loved the blend of fantasy and steampunk, with fairies and clockwork birds leading the tale. Both the adult and child characters came across well and the pacing of the piece was beautifully executed, always leaving me eager to turn the page. 

Many things about this book bought a smile to my face, except the ending, which left me wanting more and I certainly hope that Mr Bachmann has a second book planned to continue the tale. The world he has created for The Peculiar definitely deserves another outing and I am keen to see more of the fairy world as well.

Although perhaps aimed mostly at middle grade readers, this is such an entertaining and delightful read it will also appeal to YA and adult readers, too, in the same way that a series like Harry Potter does.

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