Thursday 28 March 2013

The Killing Dance (Anita Blake # 6) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Title: The Killing Dance (Anita Blake # 6)  
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton  
Publisher: Jove  
Publication Date: 2002 (1997)  
Pages: 400  
Format: Paperback   
Genre: Paranormal   
Source: Xmas Gift

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Anita Blake, vampire hunter, is now herself a hunted woman. Who put the $500,000 price on her head--a man or a monster? It's not just her own skin she needs to save; the rivalry between her werewolf boyfriend, Richard, and Marcus, the other alpha werewolf in his pack, has come to full boil. And there's always Jean-Claude, the vampire who's been waiting for just the right moment to slip inside Anita's head and heart. Don't assume anything, though--Hamilton's probably got a few more surprises in store. (Goodreads Synopsis)

I enjoyed The Killing Dance a bit more than the previous book in the Anita Blake series. Hamilton was back on form with this one and, six books in, I was pleased to finally see the release of all that sexual tension that had been building up between Anita and her two supernatural beaus.

Unlike the last book, there was good character development here, an exciting storyline and excellent pacing. I am looking forward to moving on to book seven.

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