Saturday 27 April 2013

Sapphire Sun (Lost Magic # 3) by Suzi Davis - Book Review

Title: Silver Dew (The Lost Magic # 2)
Author: Suzi Davis
Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
Publication Date: 2011
Pages: 350
Format: E-Book - EPUB
Genre: Fantasy 

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

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You can't escape the past. You can try to forget but it never truly leaves you. It is a part of who are you are; it has shaped you, it will shape your future. It is the shadow behind you. You can't outrun it, you can't hide from it or deny it - the past will always exist. Who you once were is still a part of who you are today. This, I now understand.

My name is Gracelynn Stevenson. I tried to destroy The Lost Magic. I tried to erase the past. I tried to make things go back to the way that they once were. I failed. And now all the happiness I thought I had found, has been lost to the shadows...
(Goodreads Synopsis)

And so the story ends.... Sapphire Sun is a reasonable end to this tale of lost magic. It ties everything up into a fitting conclusion, without leaving too many questions. Towards the middle of the book, I was impressed with what seemed like a bold choice by the author regarding the romantic storyline, but that was later turned on its head for a more traditional ending.

The story held my interest to the finale, but the ending felt a little sudden and rushed. So much so that it took me a moment to get my head around exactly what had happened. This book had similar dialogue issues to the earlier two, but to a lesser extent but the pacing was better than the last book (except for the ending)

All in all, I give this series three stars. It has its faults, but the story idea is interesting and the characters will appeal to YA readers. It is worth checking out for fans of this genre looking for something new.

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  1. Hmm, too bad this story didn't quite live up to expectations for you, it does have an interesting premise! I enjoyed reading you honest review!