Friday 7 February 2014

Book Review: Wunder Vol. 1 by A. R. Von (18+ only!)

Title: Wunder (Volume 1)
Author: A.R. Von
Publisher: Dream Z Dragon Publishing
Publication Date: October 2013
Pages: 174
Format: E-Book - PDF
Genre: Erotica / Paranormal (18+ only)
Source: Review Copy via Blog Tour

Wunder isn’t your average girl in fact—she isn’t even an average human. In a world ravaged by Zombies, she was born amidst the chaos. She may have a normal life now…well as normal as a freak of nature could have. Part zombie while her job is to hunt bloodthirsty creatures to protect the innocent. It’s the dreams that haunt her and they aren’t nightmares. Wunder dreams of a man, a man made just for her. Is he real, can he be the one she‘s yearned for?
Wunder’s life has been far from perfect so far, secretly being part Zombie in a world devastated by the plague of the walking dead. Still, she knew there was something special awaiting her, someone out there who could change everything and she did find him. Pete is everything she dreamed of and more as she discovers passion and fulfillment for the first time in her life.
Pete has his own secrets to tell. His world is a lonely one as he wrestles with the reality of being part zombie. His hatred for the creatures that killed his parents drives him to patrol the streets and wipe them all out. His life would be stark, but for the dreams he’s been having; of a woman, so sensuous, so sexy. These alluring visions have become erotic and consuming. He feels as if he made her up to keep from going crazy. Is this life of hunting the walking dead, all there is? Or is she out there waiting—just for him?
Now—with the reunion; Wunder’s life turns into a journey of discoveries. Secrets from the past come full circle and her world is changed forever. In the coming chaos, can she keep her new found happiness and the man of her dreams? (Goodreads Synopsis)

Now, I came to Wunder not realising this was an erotica piece. Perhaps that was my fault, or perhaps it wasn't clear in the material I was sent with the initial review request. Either way, while I have nothing against erotica, it's not a genre I read a great deal in and when I do, I expect more than just sex - I still want a captivating story as well.

This book, for me, focused too much on sex scenes and left plot and character out to dry. Yes, there was a storyline and a little character development, but the way the characters acted (particuarly when there was sex involved) felt so false and unbelievable that I was constantly rolling my eyes as I read. 

This was a shame as I felt the story idea was good and could have been very interesting, but I would have liked to have seen it told as YA, or even New Adult if the author really wanted some sex in there, and then the story itself could have taken a much better role and have been crafted into something really enjoyable to read, along the lines of Warm Bodies.

Only two stars because it had potential but, in my opinion, failed to make the most of opportunities presented.

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