Friday 3 April 2015

Release Day Blitz: The Climb by kirifox (M/M short 18+yrs)


theclimbThe Climb
gay romance, M/M, paranormal/supernatural
short story

A hidden Rocky Mountain alpine meadow and glacial lake are an escape, a small personal paradise for Jessie. Climbing to the overview above camp, however, proves he does not know his sanctuary as well as he thought. How can a strange storm, a fog, and the scent of flowers change his worldview, and ultimately, his life?


I pounded on the door with my fist, getting more and more upset, but no one answered. The cabin was solid and definitely there. No way could anyone have constructed this thing in the little time I was gone. I cracked the door open and peered inside; entering when I found it was empty. I discovered a few belongings, a pile of blankets, and tanned skins on the floor, and a handmade table and bench seat, with a couple of tin dishes and a large black pot near the open fireplace. Reaching toward the ashes, I could feel some warmth, so the fire hadn’t been out too long. Someone had to be close by.
The door slammed open. I jumped, ashamed to have been caught where I didn’t belong.
“What ya doin’ in my home? Who are ya?”
As I turned, I was stunned into silence. A well-built man stood silhouetted in the doorway. I couldn’t see his face, but his shoulders were broad, his bare forearms muscled, and he was holding an axe in front of him as if to ward off an enemy. Belatedly, I realized that enemy was me.
“Speak man! Who are ya?”
I shook my head, but couldn’t get my tongue unstuck. Holding my hands in front of me in the universal sign of surrender and peace, I prayed he wouldn’t start swinging until I could get my wits about me.
“Are you mute, boy? Can’t cha talk?”
“I-I can talk.” I stuttered.
“Whatcha doing here? You lost?”
Shaking my brain loose, still unable to see his face in the gloom of the cabin, I started to lower my hands when he motioned with the axe to keep them where they were.
“Listen, I don’t know what’s going on, but I woke up in a cave in the cliff and I was all alone. My friends are supposed to be right here, right now, and this cabin wasn’t here a few hours ago. If this is a prank, can we just get to the funny part and have a good laugh?”


About the Author

Kirifox is an accountant by day and a writer by night—at least, when the muse allows!
She has been an archaeologist, a minister, and a salesperson in her past lives, moving from Ohio to Maine, and then to Colorado where she lives today. Her three kids, of the feline persuasion, love to sit on her keyboard and ‘help’ her write. Angel, Eagle, and Lotus think it is their duty to make sure “mom” always has a tail in her water glass, a fuzzy mouse near her computer, and a lap full of love.
In her limited spare time she enjoys counted cross stitch, making jewelry from beads and found objects, building 1/12th scale miniature furniture, gourmet cooking and gardening, not necessarily in that order. Her Lego castle collection fills one wall of her library. She reads voraciously and has at least three books open at all times. She thinks eBooks are awesome, although nothing will ever replace the smell and feel of a print book.
Writing fills a creative need for kirifox. As a child she made up stories to amuse herself and her friends. Then life got in the way and more mundane chores filled her days, until she discovered fanfiction. Writing about her book and movie loves turned into an obsession, fueled by reviews, both good and…less good. The friends she developed through her fanfiction reading and writing led kirifox to the belief she could write stories other people wanted to read. The only difference between her childhood writing and today is she types her stories into the computer rather than keeping steno pads and sketchbooks filled with messy handwriting and drawings. A small notebook still collects ideas, sentence fragments, and sketches in the middle of the night, or anytime a computer is not accessible.
She has two published short stories, both with Wayward Ink Publishing, and is working on two full length books.

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