Sunday 16 August 2015

Writing & Editing Update: August 2015

The past year has been a huge one for me in terms of my writing and editing work, so I thought I'd do a quick review of the last twelve months before telling you about my forthcoming releases and new projects I have on the go.

The Last Twelve Months

2014 saw me branch out in my writing in two different ways. Firstly, I commenced penning MM tales under my alternate pen name, Asta Idonea, and secondly, I made the decision to self-publish two of my older novellas (Day-Walker and Time Keepers) and one new work: my three-book saga The Ragnarök Chronicles.

In addition, I have had four MM short stories published in anthologies from Wayward Ink Publishing. The first of the anthology submissions, The Raider, is already available as a single title too.

My editing work also picked up, with regular assignments from Wayward Ink Publishing and the occasional indie piece. It is still not quite enough to give me a full-time income, but I grow more confident it can one day be so. I love this work and very much hope I can continue with it. Any indie authors interested in contacting me about editing or proofreading their manuscripts, please see the details on my Editing Services page.

Forthcoming Releases

I am thrilled to announce I have several MM works releasing in the next few months.

Me, Callum, & Dingoman

"I’m every bit the Everyman. Or at least I was until I started my current relationship.
You see, there are three of us in this couple: me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s alter ego."

This short story will be featured in Wayward Ink Publishing's Three Is Not A Crowd anthology, coming in September 2015.

His Heart Held Hostage

"When his father loses the battle against Hrafnaheim, Prince Darius finds himself a political prisoner. Taken in chains to a dark and unfamiliar land, he begins to lose hope. But then Captain Morten Gunnarsson of the Palace Guards is assigned to watch over him. Now it is not just Darius' body being held hostage, but also his heart."

This short story will be featured in Wayward Ink Publishing's Men in Uniform anthology, coming in December 2015.

A Twenty-First Century Demon / Hell to Pay

"It should have been an easy job: a contract signed and a new soul earmarked for Hell. But when suave demon deal-maker Saul chooses nerdy Thomas Ives as his next target, little does he know what lies in store."

"The contract was destroyed and Tom's soul saved from Hell. Or so they thought.
Demon deal-maker, Saul, and his mortal lover, Thomas Ives, find themselves on the run when the other demons take none too kindly to Saul's bending of the rules. With the denizens of Hell on their heels, Saul and Tom must fight to stay one step ahead, knowing that if they're caught there's only one direction they're headed: down.
When Heaven decides to get involved, Saul's actions are no longer a mere bureaucratic misdemeanour but the basis of a factional confrontation. And now only one question remains: to whom does Tom's soul truly belong?"

This short story (previously released in Wayward Ink Publishing's Of Heaven and Hell anthology) and its novella-length sequel will both be released by Wayward Ink Publishing later this year (exact date to be confirmed)

Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods

This collection of interrelated, contemporary MM retellings of six stories from fairytale and myth will be released by Wayward Ink Publishing either late this year or early next year (exact date to be confirmed)

Current Projects

I am currently working on the following stories:

MM Anthology Submissions

I have finished first drafts of three MM tales to submit for Dreamspinner Press anthology calls in 2016. I will finalise those in the coming months. I am just waiting to hear the themes for Wayward Ink Publishing's 2016 anthologies and then I will begin work on stories for any of those that take my fancy too.

MM Novellas

Fire Up My Heart 
I have completed a first draft of this short sci-fi novella and hope to finalise and submit in early 2016.

The Last Protector 
I have completed a rough first draft of this paranormal novella and plan to rework, finalise, and submit during 2016.

MF Novels

Brougham Hall
I have just finished work on the first draft of this Regency Gothic/Paranormal tale. There are some scenes I wish to rework and others I wish to add now I have the full plot laid out, but I anticipate submitting this to a publisher within the first half of 2016. Once again I've fallen in love with my dashing hero, and I hope readers will come to adore him too.

The Boy from Arras
This French Revolutionary tale is one I wrote close to ten years ago. An early effort, the prose is very rough, but I still like the story idea, so I do intend to return to it in 2016 and see what I can make of it now I've honed my craft a little. 

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