Saturday 6 February 2016

Saturday Century Shorts # 1 (MF Flash Fiction)

Welcome to the first of another new series for 2016! These Saturday Century Shorts will be out the first Saturday of every month and they are little 100-word (hence the 'century') flash fictions. Hope you like them....

One Rainy Day
by Nicki J. Markus

The storm came out of nowhere, turning a fine, sunny day into what seemed the start of an apocalypse. As the rain pelted down, she hunched over, shivering when the droplets slid down her neck and soaked into her collar.
Then, without warning, the rain was gone.
She looked around and saw a bright smile, above which were a pair of gorgeous green eyes.
“Please, allow me.” His umbrella was broad and sturdy; there was plenty of room for two.
When they reached her door, they made plans to meet the following day.
The umbrella became their most treasured keepsake.

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