Tuesday 26 April 2016

Book Review: Twisted Fables MM/FF Anthology (18+yrs)

Title: Twisted Fables Anthology
Author: Angora Shade, Asta Idonea, Samantha Kate, Angelique Voisen, Jamie Lowe, Shira Glassman, Lynn Townsend, Kay C Sulli, T Strange, Sheri Velarde, and Nicole Wilkinson
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publication Date: 24 February 2016
Pages: 151
Format: eBook- EPUB
Genre: MM/FF
Source: Free Contributor Copy

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This collection of revamped fairytales is certain to entice and excite your senses. From Cinderella to Red Riding Hood, Twisted Fables takes you on a journey through the many fairytale worlds with a sensual twist. 
These twelve stories are penned by both seasoned scribes and new authors; the anthology provides readers with the perfect opportunity to explore offerings from their favorite storytellers as well as find a new favorite or two. 
Containing M/M and F/F stories from authors Angora Shade, Samantha Kate, Angelique Voisen, Jamie Lowe, Shira Glassman, Lynn Townsend, Asta Idonea, Kay C Sulli, T Strange, Sheri Velarde, and Nicole Wilkinson, Twisted Fables is sure to have something for the fantasy lover. (Publisher Blurb)

The Dragon's Gift by Angora Shade
This was a sensual story with an excellent twist that I honestly didn't see coming. This one is more about the sexy times, with only a slim plot, but it was fleshed out sufficiently to hold my interest. 3.5 stars

Bottom of the River by Samantha Kate
I really enjoyed the premise of this story and found it well crafted. A tale of contracts and evil monsters with a delightful twist. 4 stars

Piper's Fall by Angelique Voisen
A wonderful premise and an intriguing twist on the Pied Piper tale. Though it did leave me wanting to learn how things worked out for them or whether there were difficulties/repercussions. 4 stars

No Longer Sleeping by Jamie Lowe
This is an interesting re-imagining of True Love's Kiss. The idea brought a smile to my face; however, this story really is just one long sex scene. It assumes the prior plot of Sleeping Beauty, which is fine as most people know it, but it does little plotting of it's own. If you are looking for an erotic short, give this a try. If you prefer a little more depth to your story/characters, this is probably not the book for you. 3 stars

Treasure Hunt by Shira Glassman
This was a fun little tale of dragonly voyeurism. It put a smile on my face and made me laugh. It was a complete story, but I'd be fascinated to find out what happens afterwards. 4 stars

The Pricking of Tom Thumb by Lynn Townsend
A riotous and amusing re-telling that kept me turning the pages. Excellent depth of plot and character, given the short word count. 4.5 stars

Devouring Red by Asta Idonea
This is my story, so I won't be reviewing this one! :)
To Kiss a Frog by Kay C Sulli
I adored this little story . The sex scene didn't overtake the rest of the action and the characters were well-rounded and believable. A concise, perfectly crafted tale. 5 stars

Char by T Strange
An interesting re-telling of the Cinderella story, with a baking theme. A fun little read that kept me turning the pages. 4.5 stars

Rumpled Sheets by Sheri Velarde
I loved the premise of this tale; however, there was comma splicing, and that is one of my pet peeves. 3.5 stars

Crashing Wake by Jamie Lowe
A delightful twist on The Little Mermaid. I loved the early interaction between Adrion and Derek; however, there were a couple of plot twists that were never fully explained, and that did affect my enjoyment of the story as it left too many holes for so short a tale. 3.5 stars

A Royal Pursuit by Nicole Wilkinson
This was an engaging story with a good plot to balance the sexual content. Both characters were likeable and well-drawn. A fun short tale. 4 stars

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