Wednesday 27 April 2016

Writing Update: April 2016

Welcome to the second of my bimonthly writing updates for 2016.

Nicki J. Markus 
I am currently seeking a publisher for my Gothic-Paranormal novel.
Meanwhile, I am working on a new Steampunk novel and a paranormal novella, and I have a short story coming out in May. I will keep my eyes open for more MF/mainstream short story opportunities later in the year.

Asta Idonea
I have several forthcoming MM works already contracted, with others currently under consideration.
At present, I am working on two MM novellas and three MM short stories (for anthology calls). There is one other anthology call I may enter, plus I have an idea for another novel/novella once these current ones are close to completion.

New and Forthcoming Publications

Kangaroos Next 200km (MM contemporary short) - Torquere Press

Canção do Amor (MF PNR short) - Fireborn Publishing - 6 May
Captive (MM Sci-Fi Short) - Torquere Press - 18 May
Fire Up My Heart (MM Sci-Fi novella) - Dreamspinner Press - 25 May

Quiet as a Mouse (MM contemporary PNR short) - Dreamspinner Press - 1 June
Hell-Bound (MM paranormal anthology short) - Wayward Ink Publishing - 23 June

Later in the year....
The Devil and the Lion (MM historical short) - TBC

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