Saturday 6 August 2016

Book Review: Wonderfull Wicked (Dreamcasters #1) by C.J. Burright

Title: Wonderfully Wicked (Dreamcasters #1)
Author: C.J. Burright 

Publisher: Ravenrock Publishing
Publication Date: 2015
Pages: 263
Format: eBook - EPUB
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC via NetGalley

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For as long as she can remember, Kalila Montgomery has been tormented by creatures from her nightmares. Doomed to a solitary life with her cats, she’s determined to go down fighting. Until the man of her dreams— literally— kidnaps her and claims to know a cure. If only she could believe him.

He’s no ordinary hero

Lydon v’al Endrian will stop at nothing to be free of the V’alkara, a dangerous brotherhood who feed on dreams. But the key to his freedom, sassy dreamcaster Kalila, might be his toughest challenge yet. No matter how much she protests, he intends to keep her safe from the V’alkara, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

But a girl can dream … can't she?

Now on the run with a man she can’t quite trust or resist, Kalila must decide— fight for her dreams of a normal life … or embrace a power she doesn’t want, to save Lydon.
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I struggled to decide whether to give this book two stars or three (I think it's really 2.5), but I settled on three simply because I loved the original, fresh concept and the narrative style. The problems for me were more to do with personal preferences. I'm not a huge fan of insta-love, especially when it's linked with an idea of claiming/possession/"mine" as this one is. I love a bad boy as much as anyone, but Lydon never quite captured me. His whole alpha-male act was too much, and I couldn't care for him despite his faults. Kalila, however, was an interesting character, and I enjoyed following her story. There was also a reference to Frankenstein which seemed to imply that was the name of the creation, not the creator, and little things like that tend to niggle at me.

This book is really all insta-love romance with a bit of action thrown in. Some readers love that, and they will doubtless rate Wonderfully Wicked highly. If you prefer a slower build to romance, though, this may not be the choice for you. I am about to start the second book in the series, so I am interested to see how that compares.

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