Tuesday 20 December 2016

Tuesday Top Ten: Indie Songwriter Tracks

For today's list, I have picked singer/songwriters who are either complete amateurs or else are signed but still early in their careers/not yet famous. Links go to videos or mp3s of the songs.

1)   Loki by Sieben
2)   Snow in Venice by Elizaveta
3)   Odi et Amo by Elizaveta
4)   Hero by Elizaveta (I am singing in the chorus on this one!)
5)   Loki Rides Again by Sieben
6)   Orion by Elizaveta
7)   Ravenstag by Halia Meguid
8)   Deal by TheOneOffAccount
9)   Tonight's Special by Lucinda Holdsworth
10) Amelia by Halia Meguid

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