Tuesday 10 January 2017

Tuesday Top Ten: OTPs

Anyone who knows me will know my love for slash pairings in my favourite books, shows, and films, so to kick off Top Ten Tuesday in 2017, I thought I’d share my current OTPs.

1.    Charles and Eric (Cherik) in X-Men
2.    Steve and Loki (Stoki/FrostShield) in The Avengers
3.    Hannibal and Will (Hannigram) in Hannibal
4.    John and Sherlock (Johnlock) in Sherlock
5.    Loki and Tony Stark (FrostIron) in The Avengers
6.    Ragnar and Athelstan in Vikings
7.    Enjolras and Graintaire in Les Misérables
8.    Dean and Castiel (Destiel) in Supernatural
9.    Coriolanus and Aufidius in Coriolanus
10.    Rimmer and Lister in Red Dwarf

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