Tuesday 21 February 2017

Ten Line Tuesday: Wish You Were Here by Asta Idonea

Today's ten lines come from my latest MM novella, Wish You Were Here. You can find out more about the book HERE.

“No, I’d rather stay here. I’ll unpack,” he called back, hoping she wouldn’t press.
There was a pause. He could picture his father grimly shaking his head, cautioning his mother to let it go. It wouldn’t take that much effort to persuade her. The past three months, she and his father seemed happier when he wasn’t around. He didn’t know why they’d made him accompany them on this two-week trip. They would have been better off without him. He only disrupted their grief. When they noticed him at all. They had filled the long drive here with blaring pop hits and radio adverts in lieu of conversation, the three of them unable, or unwilling, to think of anything to say.

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