Saturday 17 June 2017

Author Interview3 (+ giveaway) - Paige Prince

Today I welcome Paige Prince to the blog to answer a few questions for Interview³.

Paige Prince Author Interview³

1) Tell us 3 fun facts about your writing history
1. I was first published on my 30th birthday (best gift EVER!)
2. I’ve been writing in some form or another since I was 7 (New Kids on the Block fanfic—I was in love with Joey McIntyre, lol)
3. I write because if I didn’t, these stories would live in my head indefinitely and the characters would never stop talking. They get annoying if I don’t write their stories.

2) Describe your writing style in 3 words
1. Romantic
2. Fun
3. Sexy

3) Name 3 of your literary influences
1. Nora Roberts
2. Tessa Bailey
3. Megan Hart

4) Share your 3 favourite books
1. Acting Out – Tibby Armstong
2. Dirty – Megan Hart
3. Risking it all – Tessa Bailey

5) What are your 3 essential writing tools?
1. Coffee
2. Laptop
3. Coffee

6) Where are your 3 favourite places to write?
1. My couch (better for my back)
2. Starbucks (I write with Ariel Tachna there and we get a LOT done when we’re there)
3. Art of Coffee (my favourite coffee place in Kemah—I usually go there on Fridays to work).

7) Name 3 items on your writing wish list
1. I’d love to write for Random House
2. I want to try romantic suspense
3. I’d really love to co-write a book with one of my favourite authors

8) What are your top 3 tips for aspiring writers?

1. Finishing is the hardest part. Keep your butt in the chair, your fingers on the keyboard, and GET IT DONE.
2. “You can’t fix a blank page.” Back in the prehistoric days of dial-up, I emailed a few times with Nora Roberts. I asked her about writer’s block, and that was her reply. So if you run into writer’s block, keep writing anyway. You can fix crap. You can’t fix a blank page.
3. Find beta readers you trust to tell you the TRUTH. You don’t want someone blowing smoke up your behind because they’re afraid to hurt your feelings. You want to write the best possible story. Constructive criticism helps with that.
4. Yeah, it’s supposed to be three, but I feel the need to include this: EDIT YOUR WORK. Do not just turn in the first draft. Self-edit. Have a crit partner edit. Self-edit again. THEN submit.

9) Tell us 3 of your writing plans for the year ahead

1. Finish my contribution for the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World
2. Re-publish my Sibling Rivalry series (by my alternate pen name Rhyann Harris)
3. Finish my hot history professor book (tentatively titled “Stay a Little Longer”).

10) Tell us about your latest release

DETOURED is a book I imagined while working at one of the larger hospitals in Houston. It was actually supposed to be the second in my Mercy General series, but when the opportunity came up to work with Liz Crowe and several other authors on a special edition boxed set based in Liz’s Love Brothers series, I couldn’t pass up the chance. So, I came up with the idea of a road trip book featuring a sexy radiologist and the manager of the radiology department.

by Paige Prince
Katherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.

Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.
Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can the Love Brothers get the car fixed before they’re permanently Detoured?

Detoured is currently considered a “sweet” romance, since all sex scenes are behind closed doors. The book will be released in August 2017.


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About the Author
Paige Prince is the alter ego of Rhyann Harris, erotic romance author, editor, drinker of coffee, and binger of Netflix. Based in a suburb of Houston, Texas, Paige is raising her very own little heroine… or hellraiser. She’s not entirely sure which side she’s chosen yet.

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