Thursday 7 September 2017

How I Write: 3 Tips for Writing Book Reviews

3 Tips for Writing Book Reviews

Part of this blog is dedicated to reviewing books—those I buy myself or receive as gifts and those I receive as ARCs via NetGalley, publishers, or authors. So, today I thought I’d share my top three tips for writing book reviews, for all the prospective book bloggers out there.

1) No Spoilers
Don’t ruin the surprise for future readers. You should be able to write a review without spoilers; however, if you desperately need to include something, ensure the comments are hidden and clearly marked.

2) Don’t Rehash the Plot
Some people like to include their own synopsis, but I find it annoying. Usually you’ll include the official blurb (or it will already be there if reviewing somewhere like Goodreads or Amazon), so there’s no need to repeat all that again. Keep your review to your thoughts on the story, characters, and writing.

3) Name the Book Title in the Review
This ensures it is clear which book you are describing, should someone come across your review out of context. It also shows you’ve tailored your comments to that story.

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