Thursday 7 December 2017

Editing Tips for Writers: 5 Tips for Crafting a Synopsis

5 Tips for Crafting a Synopsis

Crafting a stellar synopsis can be hard, and in many ways it has more to do with editing skills than literary talent. Some writers create wonderful novels but awful synopses. Here are my five tips to get you started on the road to synopsis success.
1) Go through your story and note key plot points in one or two sentences per chapter.

2) From these, put together a full overview of the story.

3) Add in some emotion and punch by including character feelings and motivations regarding the events.

4) Check the word count and trim any unnecessary details, keeping to key actions and character arcs.

5) Ensure the language is active and compelling. Even though a synopsis will reveal all your twists (and the ending), you want your telling of it to grab, and hold, an acquisition editor’s attention.

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