Monday 25 June 2018

Book Review: Deutsche Lyrik des späten Mittelalters

Title: Deutsche Lyrik des späten Mittelalters
Publisher: Deutscher Klassiker Verlag

Publication Date: 2010
Bought Copy

A collection of poetry from the late Middle-Ages in both High German and modern German, with notes and introduction.

Deutsche Lyrik des späten Mittelalters was a delightful compendium of medieval poetry. I confess I didn't read all the notes. Those were intended for people comparing the two forms of German, and I bought this book simply as a way to practice my modern German. However, I did read all the poems in their modern form. I preferred the romantic lyrics to the more religious ones, but they were all enjoyable, and it was great to pick up a little new vocabulary along the way. 4.5 stars.

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